Lift Every Voice Oregon is sponsoring a petition campaign to place a referendum on the November ballot which will enact effective laws to reduce gun violence in Oregon. The Oregon legislature has been unable to pass these gun violence prevention bills. It is time for citizens to assert their will.

IP 17 would require a permit to purchase a firearm, a background check and classroom and hands-on training for every purchase. It also limits the sale, transfer, trade and manufacture of high capacity magazines in Oregon.

These are common sense approaches to reducing gun violence. Catholics have a responsibility to put their knowledge of our loving God into action by working for justice. Too many innocents are dying because of our lack of courage to act for change. Imagine a world where Catholics actually speak up for what they believe in. Together, we can make a difference.

You can sign the petition online at or look for a volunteer at farmer’s markets and events before July 8.

Eileen Sleva