I attended a summer conference at George Fox University and picked up a copy of your paper.

I was disappointed to see very little about pro-life issues.

Our Cincinnati Catholic Telegraph is full of them: abortion prayer vigils, pro-life legislation, euthanasia information, events for those with disabilities, etc.

I could find very little in your paper about any of these issues, although the articles I read were very interesting.

I encourage you to include and educate your readers about these difficult and sometimes controversial topics.

Elizabeth Council-Phelan

Cincinnati, Ohio

Editor’s note: Elizabeth Council-Phelan’s kind reprimand is welcome. We need encouragement and will stay on our toes. However, it’s likely she picked up an issue that was an anomaly. Pro-life topics are common in the Sentinel, including recent coverage of pro-life walks in Salem and San Francisco and a front-page piece on the difficulty many women have finding a pro-life OB-GYN.