Last month, KPTV reported on a news conference at which Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said the following in the wake of Idaho’s near-total ban on abortion:

“We believe that health care is a fundamental right, and that abortion is health care. …Oregon will continue to be a safe welcoming and inclusive state for all those who want to access reproductive health.”

I find these statements offensive and inaccurate.

First off when she says ”we” she is including me, a citizen of Oregon. I realize there are laws on the books and the majority of the people here support abortion, but I do not believe that abortion is health care. I am sure I am not the only person in Oregon who has this belief. Please don’t use “we.”

Next, how in the world have we as a nation come to call abortion reproductive health? Health is for the good of all and science has shown the fetus is a person.

We need to pray without ceasing to change the minds and hearts of many.

A wise friend of mine once said, “No country will ever be able to conquer America, but it will fall apart from within.”

Deacon Bill McNamara

Southwest Portland