Regarding: “Not responsible,” June 3, Page 27:

That letter to the editor reflects an individualistic, libertarian approach, common in our contemporary culture and antithetical to the Catholic tradition.

The May 20 article which offended the letter writer was a mild acknowledgement of the wrongs that European settlers and their descendants perpetrated against Native Peoples and African-Americans right up to today. It did not call us to guilt. Rather it recognized wrongs done in the past and called for some level of remedy now.

The Judeo-Christian tradition calls us to be our brother’s keeper. The Catholic tradition specifically calls us to recognize the dignity of all persons. It asks for our solidarity with the poor, the vulnerable, those who suffer the consequences of discrimination, and seekers of justice everywhere.

It is common in some Catholic circles these days to dismiss advocacy for social justice as part of a relativistic, secularized culture. I would hold that much of the Gospel is found in the endeavors of groups working for racial justice. We in the pews might do well to open ourselves to being evangelized by them.

John O’Donoghue