The “Birds Aren’t Real” movement is a way Gen Zs are using to straddle the false history now polluting our culture, the ideas fueled by distrust and hatred. Thus, it claims to counter QAnon conspiracies, plus others, with rally shouts of: “Birds are FBI drones.”

We are supposed to laugh and thumb our noses at the ridiculous conspiracies. Point taken.

But if one’s sentiments flow toward saving yet-to-be born babies, be aware that the next pro-life rally you attend may contain young folks shouting: “Birds Aren’t Real.” They will attempt to drown out rosaries and speeches and equate the death of the unborn with fringe ideas.

This is dehumanizing, cruel and sad. And so, we endure yet more layers of embarrassing untruths.

R. Ann Sumich

Lake Oswego