Regarding “Exorcism explained,” Oct. 15, Page 1:

The photo of Father Vincent Lampert holding a Benedictine crucifix caught my eye. I learned in 2016 from a Benedictine priest the blessing said over the medals attached to these special crucifixes. Here is part of it:

“May all power of the adversary, all assaults and pretensions of Satan, be repulsed and driven afar from these medals, so they may be for all who will use them a help in mind and body.”

It is a powerful blessing and a gift to all who wear the Benedictine crucifix.

I am 80 years old and have passed out 225 of these crucifixes. A man put his on one day and went to confession the next day. He said it took away all fear from reconciling with the Lord and he restored peace within his family.

Gemma Quinter