Regarding “Time for Catholics to embrace, not exclude,” Aug. 19, Page 22:

There is a denomination that offers all the things members of the Oregon Synod Committee are yearning for right now: the Episcopal Church, with its women priests and deacons, its same-sex marriage ceremonies, its recent statement in General Convention on transgender children, its permissive positions on birth control and its inclusive language.

Of course you will remember it was founded on divorce and remarriage by Ol’ Henry the VIII. Its ever declining membership would welcome you with open arms. In fact, one person leaves the Episcopal Church every 13 minutes. So get going to your local Episcopal Church while you can still find one. There are 120 of them for sale in the United States. The Church of England (its parent organization) expects to be extinct in 25 years.

I left the Episcopal Church after being there 25 years. I was a Catholic revert. I notice all the issues the committee brings up are focused on man and not Christ. That could be your problem right there. The synod was never about changing church teaching. If that’s what you want, the signs are out there: “The Episcopal Church Welcomes You.”

Francis Schiraldi