Regarding “Sisters applaud President Biden’s actions aligned with Gospel values,” Feb. 5, Page 5:

It’s appalling that the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary praise President Joe Biden’s executive orders on climate change and immigration while they apparently choose to ignore his promotion of taxpayer funded abortion.

The Holy Father and the American bishops have clearly stated that the right to life has primacy over all social justice issues, as without life all other issues are moot. The millions of babies killed around the world by abortion will never get to appreciate the environment and they certainly found no refuge.

As for President Biden having “modeled the value of dignity for all people by calling on us to treat one another with civility and respect,” these unborn human lives were neither valued, dignified, treated civilly nor respected.

The Sisters of the Holy Names educated me more than 60 years ago when the community had the common sense to teach the whole Gospel.

Dorothy Rausch Compton

Central Point