Regarding “Support parents,” Jan. 22, Page 31:

This was a heartwarming testimony of how a young child realized that babies live in their mommies’ tummies.

However, the writer then goes on to lament “the breakdown of support systems for expectant parents.”

Nothing could be farther from reality. So much help already exists for these expectant parents.

This writer would be encouraged by coming out to the next 40 Days For Life Beaverton campaign. She would learn of how Precious Children of Portland has followed these same abortion saves and helped the moms, babies and their families over the last 13 years. This writer could learn of all the Protestant and Catholic maternity homes out there. Then she could also go to a St. Vincent de Paul office at her church to see how families in need are helped with rent, utilities and food every day all over the metro area and the country.

God bless her for having concern for families in need. Help is out there.

Marie Barzen

Founder of St. Maria Goretti Home