Yes, all life is miraculous and precious. But that miracle and preciousness can be squelched by the absence or disregard of free will.

The presence of unwed mothers with unwanted children, and the unaccountable absence of impregnators, is a worldwide phenomenon, and proof that every birth is not necessarily welcomed by the mother, the families, the state and even some churches, where unwed mothers are admitted but not celebrated.

This separated and unequal Dobbs decision by purportedly impartial justices reiterates the unspoken and un-admitted truth: in the United States of America, the privileged “image of God” is male. Women, despite being the crucibles of life, have men to thank, not God, for their existence and livelihood.

Western faith is plain spoken: all humans are created in the image and likeness of God, but men are favored by our Father and “ordained” by his Son. Women have Mary’s example to follow: “You see before you the Lord’s servant, let it happen to me as you have said” (Luke 1:38).

Rolando Rodriguez

Port Orford