Regarding “Singing in church: Not dead, just on hiatus,” June 19, Page 6:

Thank you for the article about music and singing at Mass during the pandemic. I appreciate some of the information clarifying why music is missing at our celebrations right now.

After reading the Sentinel, I picked up the Saturday secular newspaper and read about all the bars starting their usual, weekly, Karaoke fun. These two stories are contradictory. So I can go to a local bar and sing all I want, but singing hymns and prayers at Mass is forbidden? Crazy.

The subject is painful for me, my family and many others. Singing and cantoring are what I do. Ours girls also sing with the choir.

Our whole spiritual renewal each week at Mass is linked to the music and lifting our voices in song and praise. Even my husband, who does not sing, feels Mass lacks a sense of celebration now. To be told not to sing is as horrible as being slapped in the face.

Yes, the spread of the virus is increased with all vocal mechanics. But a mask will protect you when singing as much it might protect you when speaking.

Lori Straley