" It was the one Catholic newspaper I willingly paid to receive, which I admired and felt truly lived up to the promise of Catholic journalism. "

Upon hearing of the closure of the Sentinel and El Centinela, only a single letter writer wished us good riddance. More may feel that way, but mostly, we have received insightful notes of support like those excerpted below. We are deeply grateful.

I always thought the Sentinel was the best Catholic publication in the country. It was the one Catholic newspaper I willingly paid to receive, which I admired and felt truly lived up to the promise of Catholic journalism.

Eric Meisfjord

This is a serious loss. The Sentinel, a consistently high-quality publication, is informative, professionally produced, and a valuable tool for keeping people informed about Catholic news around the region. How many people are going to take time to search out a video or look for a website story about the good works being done by parishioners?

Mary Adams

Why? Darn! It seems like The Sentinel is just getting better and better.

Patty Campbell

I have just heard the news that the Catholic Sentinel and El Centinela and their websites are to cease publishing Oct. 1. I am very sorry to hear this and feel it is a big loss for Catholicism in Oregon. I liked the direction the Sentinel took in recent years. I felt that there was an openness to more diverse viewpoints.

John O’Donoghue

The majority of Oregonian seniors who have been lifelong Catholics and have contributed so much to so many will no longer have a newspaper to read about their church, about their faith. For 153 years, this was the strongest evangelizing tool we had. There is deep grieving for so many of us because nothing can replace it.

Ursula Maria Cawley

We have struggled with great disappointment over the impending sunset of the Sentinel. We suspect that we are among thousands of readers who will especially miss articles that covered things and activities in our local parishes and within our archdiocese.

Kelly and Craig Schommer

It is a sad day. News is not what it used to be. I will miss trusting the articles covered by the Sentinel.

Anne McCoy

Being a lifelong Catholic I always felt connected to current parish events, school sports, graduations, obituaries, priests assignments and so many other happenings in our diocese. Your paper will be truly missed.

Therese Baker

Your articles have been uniformly excellent: well researched, and carrying in them the true heart of the Gospel.

Eric Boughton

I looked forward to reading each issue and learning about Catholic school projects, rural happenings, local and national news, obituaries and even reading the ads. We have seniors who prefer to sit down and read the Sentinel who are not going to look to social media for their news.

Maura White

I read it from cover to cover and it really kept me connected to what's going on in the archdiocese. I am a senior and I’m just going to feel so disconnected.

Roxanne Messner

The Sentinel has local parish news not available from other sources. These local stories about parish activities inspire people like me to develop our own local initiatives. There are many, many other good sources for evangelization and outreach but no other source of local Catholic journalism.

Bruce Weber

This is a time in our history when we need, more than ever, moral guidance and a sense of community. This newspaper provided a very important and necessary service to Catholics in western Oregon.

Elizabeth Hamill

Discontinuing the publication of the Sentinel will have a significant impact on the unity of the archdiocese. The information reported in the Sentinel about all of God's works in Oregon through our many parishes strengthens us.

Marita Ingalsbe

I’m deeply, deeply hurt and surprised. And I feel for you a great loss and just wanted to let you know that I care for you.

Fr. Jim Clifford

I’d been all sleepy and all of a sudden, man, I was wide awake reading one of your latest issues. I’ve never seen a publication in a diocese anywhere that’s been equal to yours.

George Kranz

I’m the great nephew of John O’Hara, the longtime editor of the Sentinel. I just saw that you guys are shutting down, and I want to wish you the best and let you know that I’m sorry that this is happening. It's a sad day for Catholic newspapering.

Jim O’Hara

Thank you so much for the excellent Catholic Sentinel you produce. It's just superb. Superb. Superb.

Fr. Karl Schray

I’m bummed that the Sentinel’s ending. Good journalists are hard to find these days.

Colm Willis

I think you did such an excellent job and I think the Catholic Church is weaker for the loss of your paper. God knows we need journalism.

Pat Walsh

You did such a fine job making your paper an instrument of unification and education for the archdiocese.

Lorie Simmons

It breaks my heart. I know the newspaper will be sorely missed.

Brad Hilliard

I know you have put an incredible amount of yourself, and time and energy, into the wonderful little paper of always happy, upbeat news that I and countless others grew up reading. It is so hard to see it go.

Michael van der Hout

I am thankful for you and the many contributors over the years. Sad news, but the Lord works in mysterious ways.

Sacha Etzel

I have always been grateful for the fine reporting and the opportunity to reach your fine audience.

Rabbi Michael Cahana

I have greatly admired your work for many years, and it’s hard to imagine what Catholic media in the Archdiocese of Portland will look like without the Sentinel.

Ethan Alano

Makes me sad. It’s an award winning publication and so valued by Catholics throughout Oregon. It will be a great loss.

Meg Amberg

You are amazing and the awards you won this year prove it. Nothing like going out with a bang.

Keri Hake

I believe the loss of the Catholic Sentinel will be felt most keenly in small towns that have already been suffering from isolation because of the pandemic. In addition, seniors who are not tech savvy will no longer have access to Catholic news. As a cancer patient, I was looking forward to having Catholic news to read during periods of convalescence and while waiting to see doctors.

Kathy Shantz

I have passed out many Sentinels over the years since I usher.

This closure will definitely leave a void, just like we're seeing in small communities across the country when their hometown paper folds.

Alex Paul

You guys have done such a wonderful job, and I've enjoyed the Sentinel a great deal over the years. I know many share my feeling on this subject.

Deacon Tim Dooley

You have created an extraordinary legacy for your readers and the community that you serve.

Barbara Kerr

Accuracy of information is vital in our lives. You have done this. We will light a seven-day candle for you before the Most Blessed Sacrament.

Mother Mary of the Angels

You've given the newspaper a life it dearly needed. In some ways the paper is the best it's been since I converted in 1965.

Fr. Jim Mayo

My mother is 101 and has enjoyed your newspaper forever and reads it from cover to cover. The closure is a great sorrow to her — and I’m sure to many other elderly Catholics.

Katheryn Shamrell

I am saddened and dismayed by the Sentinel/ El Centinela ’s demise. Those publications provided a window into our Catholic community for Catholics and non-Catholics. They helped build community and provide a Catholic perspective on the world. Instead of “throwing open windows of the church,” one window will close.

John Kingery

I am really sad about the shortsighted decision to end the Catholic Sentinel. I believe it is one of the best tools for evangelization. It relates to Catholics and others as it sits on the coffee table in our homes. The presence of the Sentinel is also a sign of unity for Catholics in Oregon.

Father Pat McNamee

I have subscribed to the Catholic Sentinel for nearly 30 years. It was a way to know what was going on in our Catholic community, not only here in Oregon and our archdiocese, but also around the world.

Diane Ramsperger

So sad. I love the Sentinel and will miss it.

Roberta Granby

This is so sad to hear. I enjoy reading the articles and seeing how the Lord is working in different parts of the archdiocese. I also love doing the crossword puzzles with my dad.

Lily Weber

I always enjoyed reading the Sentinel and keeping updated. In recent years the content and coverage have been terrific. This is a blow to good information.

Debbie Grbavac

The Sentinel transcends most social media streams by providing content beyond a single parish. That is what will be lost and that is a shame. I like hearing what goes on beyond my own parish.

Marc Holcomb

Imagine all the older people who rely on that paper for Catholic reporting, not to mention the huge blow for the Hispanic community with the Spanish version of the paper closing, too. Good, honest journalism is what the church needs.

Hannah Gray

The Sentinel lasted longer than many diocesan newspapers, perhaps because it was really well done in recent years. It's a tough loss in a shrinking church spread across hundreds of miles.

Scott Woltze

The Sentinel and El Centinela have been a uniting force in our bilingual archdiocese, sharing good news about parishes, schools, children, family activities, stories of family engagement and faith. Also, the Sentinel promoted Catholic organizations.

Judith Puttman

Our Catholic/Lutheran family relies on the Sentinel for serious reporting that sparks frequent conversations. The editors have made this a paper to be proud of. Online evangelism will not be the same.

Barbara Curtin Miles

This makes me sad as I relied on the Catholic Sentinel for news about the church in Oregon and the U.S. Goodbye to a voice for the truth!

Reed Vandehey


Theresa Verboort

It was the only paper left worth reading.

Donna Whitmore

Being in a very rural parish, the Sentinel reminded us we are part of a bigger group.

Lori Straley

We have depended on the Catholic Sentinel to keep us abreast of the news most important to us, especially for us Serrans, the celebrations, what’s happening in other parishes, and info about our religious and priests. We will dearly miss it.

Monique Harris

Why would an award-winning newspaper be shutting down?

Deacon Peter Broussard

I'm still in the grieving process and can't come to terms with this. It's really amazing what you and the team cover.

Matt Niehaus

I’ve read the paper since I was a young boy and looked forward to seeing it arrive in our mailbox over all these years. I understand the media landscape is changing, but I believe the loss of our paper will do irreparable damage to the ability of the archdiocese to communicate and show the richness of our faith in the actions of our people.

Dave Albertine

Your contribution to the whole community has been outstanding with quiet evangelization and great reporting.

Simon Holmes

This is a paper that many of us totally rely on to get news of our city, state, and world from a Catholic perspective, and to stay connected with our fellow Catholics through interesting articles and news of various parish and archdiocese events. Not having this connector is going to be a terrible blow to Catholics throughout the whole state.

Diane Hunt

I can't imagine not having you cover the diocesan news. I pray for a replacement of some sort.

Jeanette Bard

It will be greatly missed especially by those that prefer their news in print that they can read and absorb at their leisure. The news of the Catholic world, the diocese and other parishes will not be regularly accessed online like it has been in the regular distribution of the newspaper. I have lived in many parts of the U.S. and this has been my most read Catholic newspaper.

Kathleen Culbert

The published written record of our Catholic life has reached its end. A related loss concerns coverage of our rich artistic heritage, often depicted in fascinating articles and unique photos highlighting area churches. Further, the Sentinel provides a forum in which devout Catholics can respectfully express differing viewpoints via letters to the editor. Where else will that kind of thoughtful discourse be encouraged?

Anne Kolibaba Larkin

While the Sentinel may be going away, the memories and gratitude for you will be lasting. Thanks again for all that you have done in service to the church and archdiocese. You enriched our lives and we are all the better for it.

Steve Beaird

The Catholic Sentinel is a force for good. It informs and unites all of us. We learn about news in which the church and the Catholic faith is involved and, hopefully, from a more truthful and knowledgeable perspective than from the secular media. There is a great deal of value in all of us literally being on the same page. Is that not evangelization?

Lynn Harris

As a mother with six young children and a lifelong Catholic raised in the Archdiocese of Portland, I was very sad to hear the news. The Sentinel has always been a rock in my life. I believe it would continue to strengthen our faith as it has for me for many years. My friends and I are really lamenting the ending of the Sentinel. In this day and age, when in Oregon the Catholic Church is regularly persecuted, why not keep a vessel which unites us so well?

Millie Hennemann

Oh look, a grandchild’s photo is in a Catholic schools story. That veteran article is about a parishioner. We can go to Verboort in two weeks for dinner. Look at the photo of the beautiful Aztec sacred dancers. Sister died; she taught me in fifth grade. Great, Archbishop Sample has given us guidance. Did you know that Catholic Charities builds affordable apartments in Oregon?

Never again.

Larry and Nancy Rocha

I understand, but it is such a loss. You kept me, 79 years old,

in touch with a wonderful organization of Catholic people

and achievements.

Stephanie Begley-Smith

El Centinela made us feel connected to the communities of northern Oregon through its editions focused on our Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters. Having information related to our faith in one place was always rewarding. We won’t get information from the archdiocese, much less from our Holy Father Pope Francis and the news from the church of our beloved Latin American countries.

Flor Valencia, Vicky Cortés, Araceli Núñez, Valentina Bañuelos, Olga Maldonado, Isabel Arteaga, Carolina Reyes, Luisa Alvarez, Angélica Ramírez, Jenny Vera, Maria Dolores V. Lidia, Edith Arellano, Yolanda Alegría, Rebeca Moreno, Lupita Suarez, Yadira Acevedo

We have benefited as you carry the message from one community to another and make us aware of the activities that are carried out in the different places and by the different groups within the Catholic Church. We are devastated and concerned about the closure of this essential source of information. We will practically be isolated from each other and also from the archdiocese since we do not receive any communication in Spanish.

Heriberto Aguilar

Without El Centinela, we would like to know how we could continue in communication with the archdiocese, evangelizing our communities with the good news from our Hispanic parishes and testimonies of faith.

Jose and Miriam Camarena

The Good News of our faith will be replaced with silence. What will fill that void? If the website is deleted, all the past articles will disappear from the archives, and you will cancel the written history of the Catholic community in Oregon.

Diane Puncochar

I have grown up with the Sentinel. I get all my Catholic news around Oregon from it. If anything it will divide us into our own little parishes. Once something like this paper is gone it can't come back. The writing was wonderful.

Lynne Rule

It is truly a family and community of faith paper. It brought us together as a Catholic neighborhood of parishes. I pray that at least the digital news will continue.

Harold Cranston

I am really struggling to accept the fact that I will no longer have the Catholic Sentinel to read. I have learned a lot from various articles. I have especially enjoyed the thoughts expressed by letters to the editor.

Margaret Jamieson

I wonder where we will be able to read about interesting news about our parishes, schools and activities. For example, recent issues had articles on many programs that we would never hear about except for the Sentinel.

Bruna McBride

I am thinking of a Catholic literary magazine that we can call The New Sentinel published monthly. Allow fiction, non-fiction, poetry and images should be welcomed.

Eric Brown

Thank you for reminding us of our history with the Sept. 2 report on St. Louis Parish's 175th anniversary celebration. Understanding our past helps to guide us into the future. The Catholic Sentinel has been the primary source of history lessons about our shared past for 152 years. Who will continue this?

Tim Flynn

As one who reads every excellent and award-winning page, and as a great-grandson of one of the founders of the paper, Stephen McCormick, I fear the archdiocese is making a mistake and may end up with an insipid magazine that provides nothing to enliven the spirits of parishioners with a sense of belonging to a greater cause.

Gerald Stanley

It is so sad to think of the Sentinel closing. At the Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women, we are all grateful for the many years in which we have received generous coverage.

Connie Manning

I want to extend my thanks to you for all the journalistic/diplomatic work. You have shepherded the many Catholic voices of western Oregon. How you did it is beyond me. But you did, so hats off.

Peter Lax

You folks have done an amazing job producing such an excellent publication. You made it so interesting with a great mix of local and global stories. I learned so much from the Sentinel.

Jeff Baumgart

It was a sad day for me when I read of the closing of the presses that connected me with the Catholic world. I will read it to the last issue and treasure that. I am 90 and pray there may be something to take the Sentinel’s place.

Bernard Meile

Thank you for dedication to the newspaper, exceptional reporting and thoughtful editorials. May you continue to share your gifts.

Kate Marshall

Both the integrity and broad spectrum from which you report are unmatched. Your words are both encouraging and supportive. I can easily attest to your paper’s mass appeal. While your paper is not the Bible, it’s as close as many get to reading a Bible.

Theresa Davis

Since I returned to the church a decade ago, I have routinely read the Sentinel. I have used the paper as a teaching tool with my four young daughters: After Mass on Sunday, sitting around the kitchen, I will hold the paper and read out interesting things. I feel as if I am deepening the soil, so that when the Word speaks to them, there will be a much better chance that the Word will take root.

Steven Cade

Your tireless efforts to bring news and stories has been invaluable to our community, always showing caring and love as well as information. We are very grateful for your ministry.

Sharon Grigar