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  • Curiosity may help us
    On the night of July 20, 1969, I was a 4-year-old standing in my back yard staring at the moon. I tried for an hour to spy the astronauts who had landed that day.
  • A sweet sound
    If we can’t make room or have patience for loud children during Mass, we will perpetuate the shame and disappointment these parents feel and that sometimes push them away from the church.
  • From the Archives
     In 1816 he entered the Superior Seminary of Quebec and after a distinguished theological course was ordained to the priesthood on July 19, 1819, and celebrated his first Mass on the following day.
  • Vacation tip
    A Gallup poll a few years ago indicated 55% of American adults had summer vacation plans, with July the most popular month to hit the beach or the snooze button.
  • From the Archives
    His Grace became inured to this inconvenience during his Alaskan tour.
  • TV: The ruin of a disciplined people

    We can trace virtually our whole situation to the mollycoddling of our bodies that goes along with sitting, watching, snacking, watching, snacking, watching, but also to the powerful preaching of demons that has poured into our homes for decades and decades as we let down our guard ever further.

  • Catholics’ special role in leadership
    Throughout history, Catholics have always been at the forefront of major change because we hold the revealed truth of God’s word as eternal and unchanging.
  • Turning the other cheek

    Those taking Deacon José to task appear to be of the mindset that to be a Christian is to be effete, “nice,” and never offer defense or make anyone feel uncomfortable about what they are doing. Apparently real action, appropriate to the situation, is somehow forbidden to the Christian.

  • If you were at least 10-years-old on July 20, 1969, you will surely remember that your eyes were glued to a black and white television set watching what no eyes had ever seen before.
  • I pray for her
    I find it distressing that in the article "A Capitol Faith", the Catholic Sentinel chose to highlight Rep Jennifer Williamson as an example of "Catholics whose faith influences both their personal lives and their policy perspectives". 
  • Pragmatic pass
    These Church leaders took a pragmatic pass while the faithful spoke out for justice.  If the abortion industry is ever to be curtailed and the pre-born are ever to have a legally recognized right to life, it will be because people of conscience demand it.
  • I object
    That is obstruction of justice.
  • Why laud her?
    Why should a Catholic publication laud a legislator who has dramatically distanced herself publicly from perennial Catholic teaching on the sanctity of life?
  • No buts about it
    The Sentinel gave Rep. Jennifer Williamson and Rep. Mike Nearman undo publicity.
  • Get it together
    Congratulations on an article worthy of the Pulitzer. Through the story of Nichole and the concern and involvement of her parents, the truth about sex trafficking in Oregon is exposed. 
  • Bad for kids

    Beaverton’s school district has adopted Oregon’s K-12 Comprehensive Sexuality Education program. The 3Rs curriculum normalizes porn, discriminates against religion (especially Catholics), and encourages sexual relationships among the young.

  • Important film
    Since our government funds Planned Parenthood, every government official should be required to see this film. If they continue to fund the organization, that will show they agree with the lies, falsehood, harm, suffering and pain women are plagued with. 
  • It is beyond wrong; it’s evil. To excuse it is to acquiesce to the “culture of death” that St. John Paul II warned against in Evangelium VitaeAnd the Bible isn’t silent about immigrants.

  • Remember nonviolence
    Meeting hate with love and violence with a defenseless cheek may not win elections, but it will add a little more divine will to the world. 
     I hope that we bring back the good — an appreciation of the transcendence of God through meaningful worship; remember the bad — the legalism of the past with a firm determination not to return to it; and correct and rectify the ugly — through vigilance, processes of accountability and greater transparency.
  • From the Archives
    It’s a sad commentary on the ethos the American public that we seem unsure about whether it makes a difference that a president is faithful his wife. . . . The media and polls tell us that Americans don’t really care a great deal about the nature of President Clinton’s relationship with Monica Lewinsky as long as the economy remains strong. 
  • WATCH: Call for film
    From July until October 1961, more than 200 times Our Lady is reported to have appeared to four girls in Garabandal, Spain, with a message she wanted to spread throughout the world. It was a message of love and warning.
  • Such slogans as “My country right or wrong” and “America love it or leave it” are not patriotic; in truth they hurt the health of the United States. Americans who espouse such feelings ignore the nation’s many critical ills.
  • A welcomed routine change
    You never know when a seemingly distasteful interruption might come along and change your life for the better.
  • How far the church has come this past year
    For many Catholics these days, bishops are like members of Congress. We may like ours but distrust the lot of them. To judge from the reaction of social media to the U.S. bishops’ June meeting, not a few tweeters think they should all go for a swim with a millstone.
  • Halt propaganda
    Anti-evangelization is still roaring out its propaganda and is still making many converts, especially among our young people. Local examples are not lacking.
  • Joseph a model

    I find it curious Joseph is a silent figure in the Gospels. But I think the answer comes from that old adage, “actions speak louder than words.”

  • It’s time
     It is now time for Congress to fulfill its responsibilities to protect our democracy, the system of checks and balances in our Constitution, and the rule of law and proceed with impeachment. 
  • Compelling story
    It is definitely one of the better stories I have seen written about this disturbing and tragic issue.
  • Fruit from the sky
    I remember it fondly — climbing the fruit trees at my family’s farm to pick plums and cherries. The romantic vision stuck with me, even into my urban-centric adulthood. When my husband and I recently chose to move out of our condo in its walkable neighborhood and into a house with a large yard, I had my heart set on having a fruit tree for my children to enjoy like I had.
  • Stop wasting food
    As Christians, we are called to care for the resources we have been given, and to use them as well as we can, while keeping our most vulnerable brothers and sisters in the forefront of our minds. 
  • Sacrament must remain inviolable
    In recent months, there have been rumblings of a new challenge to the Catholic Church on the part of various government agencies, in different parts of the world.
  • My name is Carmen
    My name is Carmen Gaston, and I am the director of Stewardship and Development for the Archdiocese of Portland. More specifically, I serve as the chief development officer in funding the mission of the local Catholic Church.
  • The Catholic Church has a very big secret. It is so powerful, challenging and relevant, that if every bishop, priest, religious and layperson was committed to communicating and implementing this secret, it would turn society upside-down and literally transform the world.
  • To assist with your understanding of the news, here is a glossary of reassignment terms:
  • Seal must be inviolable
    In recent months, there have been rumblings of a new challenge to the Catholic Church on the part of various government agencies, in different parts of the world.
  • Losing our humanity to robots?
    Nonetheless, I was surprised to find that this year’s assembly in February was on "Roboethics." How do issues arising from our use of robots link up with our concern about respect for human life? What I found was that, as Pope Francis has reminded us in "Laudato Si'": "Everything is connected."
  • From the Archives
    These have, through the ex­tent of whole tribes and bands, so deterio­rated their physical and mental staminas to leave but little hope for their duration and perpetual existence.
  • Like father, like son
    Cut to 1997, 33 years later. “Come look,” said our son Tim, 40 years old.
  • God’s joke?
    A response to an evolution doubter. 
  • Smiled broadly
    “There you are!” the archbishop said. Enthusiastically, he made the sign of the cross on my husband’s forehead as my John smiled broadly.
  • At Pentecost, where are you?
    The Easter Feast is a 50-day celebration, preparing the way for Christians to recount the birthday of the Church on Pentecost, June 9 this year. It is on this day we find the disciples and the Blessed Virgin Mary waiting for the coming of the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete.
  • Giving physical presence to faith
    In the end we know that the gathering of the people is what is most important. Yet the space that they use for worship can inhibit or foster that sense of community. All architecture should uplift our spirit through good design; a space devoted to worship must do it consistently.
  • Rethinking unions
    Your piece has brought home to me, once again, the dilemma of my own 36-year union membership and my faith. Today’s unions are as invested in wielding political power as they are in watching out for working stiffs.
  • Papal numbers

    John Paul II was elected pope 41 years ago and he died 14 years ago. Furthermore, he was elected pope at age 58 and he died in the 85th year of his life.

  • Spend a few hours perusing Portland — by bike, of course — and you’ll likely see food carts, tattoos, impressive vegetable gardens, microbreweries and hipsters. You may get a whiff of pot. And you almost certainly will pass a strip club. The city has the highest number of clubs per capita in the United States, according to Priceonomics, a data crunching firm in California. 
  • Pope Francis has warned that "fear deprives us of the desire and the ability to encounter the other, the person different from myself; it deprives me of an opportunity to encounter the Lord.”
  • There is an inconsistency here. Oregonians pride themselves on standing up for the marginalized and questioning the entitlement of big business. But it’s almost a religion now that Oregon public officials side with a behemoth corporation — Planned Parenthood — against unborn babies, the most defenseless of all. 
  • Suppose we let the people decide
    Abortion would unquestionably remain legal in many states, and available to anyone with bus fare. But the reversal of Roe would at least make abortion part of our democratic debate for the first time in almost half a century.
  • Let your conscience be your guide
    Our political life has become such a war of words that many may not notice that the Trump administration has done something very good and long overdue -- and is being condemned for it.
  • Recent news stories have chronicled the troubling story of a funeral home in Colorado clandestinely taking body parts out of corpses and selling them to medical supply companies.
  • From the Archives
    The consci­entious guardians of the municipal domain, ac­cording to Mr. Grant, were so solicitous for the public welfare, security and safety that they could not do otherwise than eliminate the danger that would arise from the erection of a small Catholic school in the Laurelhurst dis­trict.
  • On faith freedom
    In early 2019, in King v. Warner Pacific College, the Oregon Court of Appeals held that, under an Oregon statute, a Christian school can expressly discriminate against a job applicant on the basis of religion, and can prefer applicants who are Christian.
  • Instead of making it a day of intense nationalism which accepts ongoing war as “normal,” the healthiest, holiest way to honor combatants killed, is to stop sending new combatants to take their place – to kill and be killed – again and again.
  • Moving tribute
    Poignantly, like Our Lady, forever bound to this earth, forever mourning the death of her son, the 870-year-old cathedral is among the most moving tributes to our Judeo-Christian culture, blessing us, calling out to us, mournfully. Are we listening?
  • Darwin dissent
    The Genesis account is not scientific per se, but that does not mean it is not historically accurate.
  • On foot ministry

    A big shoutout for the rest of those who make up our core team for the ministry — Elaine Bergman, Mary Davidson, Diana Stiger and Cathy Smith. It takes our dedicated volunteers to make our foot-care ministry successful.

  • Working on me
    I find myself more devout, far more cognizant that Mass is a sacrifice.
  • Positive message
    His journey to the church via the University of Portland, his fiancee/wife and RCIA reminds us of good news despite negative worldly news.
  • Last instruction
    The last instruction Jesus gave at the Garden of Gethsemane was, “Put your sword back into its sheath, for all who take up the sword will perish by the sword.” 
  • Saints and shooters
    Rather than writing about killers, our mission is to tell the stories of the everyday saints among us and the church’s teachings that form their goodness. 
  • Conscience protected
    Kudos and thanks to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for recent work to protect the conscience rights of health care workers.
  • From the Archives
    Inch by inch, step by step, foot by foot, squarely and fairly did the fire-boys, assisted by our citizens, fight the conflagration, but aided by the fierce north wind, which seemed to have combined with the flames for the city’s ruin, the devouring element spread headlong onward.
  • It’s not Norway
    I wonder, do the big houses of Norway have lots of Southsiders, Nortenos or Latin Kings in the prison mix? Does Oslo have sizable neighborhoods of Crips, Bloods or Gangster Disciples? Are the arctic regions home to neo-Nazis and white supremacists?
  • Spirit still here
    To my mind, the Spirit moves through us and through time and followers of Christ need to be open to the Spirit’s voice in the present, not downplay its contemporary influence. 
  • Is it a sign?
    Now the dollars are flowing in by the millions to rebuild Notre Dame. But perhaps we are being given a sign — is it time to rebuild the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic church?
  • Note to president
    But because I care about you as a fellow Christian, and because I care about our nation and those who turn to us for hope and relief and a better shot at life, I remind you now.
  • Motherhood, milestones, and Mary all celebrated in May
    On May 12th we honor motherhood by celebrating Mother’s Day.  May is also a milestone for the family.  During May thousands of children will receive their first Communion.  In Catholic families it’s a time to celebrate your child receiving the Eucharist.  And of course, May is also the month we recognize Mary; the ultimate example of motherhood, the one who carried Jesus in her womb, thereby making it possible that we all can experience the joy of receiving the Eucharist.  I believe these events are connected. 
  • God’s sign
    I believe it was God’s sign to trust in his loving care and his plan included the church who pray for me.
  • Whitewashing Planned Parenthood
    I hope "Unplanned" changes some hearts and minds on the subject of abortion -- and encourages greater scrutiny of the nation’s largest abortion provider.
  • Mom’s song
    For many years my mother told me a poignant story. Her mother, Jennie Parrott, a concert pianist in the 1890s, played only for family and friends after getting married. Four-year-old Ruth (my mother) especially liked to hear her mother play and sing the ballads of the time. My mother said one song always made her cry, but could not remember the name of the song. 
  • PHILADELPHIA — A few years back, I gave a talk entitled “Thinking Through the Transgender Question” at a local parish. In the audience were several individuals supporting the transgender movement. During the question-and-answer session, one of them, a young woman, raised this difficulty:  “If someone wants to transition, how does that hurt anybody else? If my friend wants to be transgender, how would that harm any of us?”
  • “The persecution of Christians is today worse than at any time in history,” says Aid to the Church in Need – a papal charity – in its report on oppressed Christians titled “Persecuted and Forgotten?” (see: https://bit.ly/2DimV2a).
  • Why are people leaving?
    Satan hates the Mass. He hates the Catholic Church. Satan loves the sexual abuses. Satan goes throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.
  • ‘He is risen!’
    What proof do we have that this story of the resurrection isn’t just another tale we believe simply because this is what we’ve been taught? I would like to take a shot answering this question by citing two facts. 
  • Light in the darkness

    It’s no secret that there’s darkness in the world. The Easter attacks in Sri Lanka are just the latest example of it. But in the darkness, we can find the light.

  • Another notre Dame
    While OKC’s star Russell Westbrook taunted, whimpered, thundered, boasted and gloated his way through the contests, with Lillard as the main target, Dame remained mostly dignified, letting his play do the talking. 
  • From the Archives
    The bronze statue of Joan of Arc, the gift of Dr. Henry Waldo Coe to Portland, was placed on its base in Laurelhurst, at East 39th and Glisan streets, on last Saturday.
  • Educate us

    A solid program for adult religious education involving all our parishes would be the place to begin.

  • It’d be nice

    It would be nice if we Roman Catholics would say: “I am privileged to go to Mass.”

  • You left it out
    It was a wonderful article on the theology and church teaching regarding artificial birth control, but I find the lack of an allusion to the post-fertilization (abortifacient) effects of a great many of the currently available contraceptive methods disturbing.
  • “Unplanned” is an inspiringly powerful movie that will deeply touch your heart. It will move you to feel uncomfortable, angry, sad, enlightened, encouraged, vindicated and joyful. You’ll probably even shed some tears, as I did.
  • It is difficult to ask a victim to forgive when abusers hide and are hidden.
  • Not afraid

    We at Parents’ Rights in Education are not afraid. We are the group that stopped the infamous Adolescent Sexuality Conference held every year in Seaside right across from Our Lady of Victory Church. This Catholic will continue to support the goals of PRIE.

  • Once upon a time, each of our young children crafted ornate artworks proclaiming one glorious word: “Alleluia.” They beamed as they presented us with their crayon- and marker-infused creations. Some of the pieces dripped with healthy helpings of glitter paste and others were adorned with leftover Valentine’s Day stickers.
  • Not health care
    Infanticide is a moral, not political, issue. This crime should be shouted down from the pulpits of every church in our country.