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  • Students still thriving
    Despite the challenges this year, Catholic schools have demonstrated creativity, dedication, and adaptability meeting the needs of students and families in a variety of ways.
  • Poor 2020 — it never asked to be everyone’s whipping boy. Yet, if ever there was a year that reeked of apocalyptic nightmares rivaling biblical proportions, 2020 was it.
  • With all the bumps and craters in the road to the White House, Joe Biden has finally arrived. Biden is now the President of the United States. And with all the urgent national and international issues on his plate, the man deserves and needs our full support.

  • Support parents
    “Un-uh! Cuz if they did that, the baby would die!”
  • Go nonpartisan
    If the pro-life movement is going to accomplish its fullest potential — protecting life from conception until natural death — and effectively reduce the number of abortions, it must be truly nonpartisan. Catholics should be at the vanguard of this effort.
  • Students still thriving
    Despite the challenges this year, Catholic schools have demonstrated creativity, dedication, and adaptability meeting the needs of students and families in a variety of ways.
  • Correction
    Here is the right address: bcwiekowsk@aol.com.
  • Offset peril
    Maybe our “pay it forward” energies of prayer, kind thoughts and words, and collaborative actions toward each other could offset the destructive violence predicted to take place in our cities.
  • Vox populi: The voice of the people
    He cared more for himself than his country, and when the election went against him, he could not bear to leave the pool that reflected his own image. The voters were wise to foresee this. Let's hope the Republican Party renews its commitment to the importance of character when it chooses its next presidential candidate.
  • The church must go out
    Nowadays, the church cannot be a mere guardian of ideas and beliefs, however good and righteous that may be. The mystery of life, that is, the way God dwells in history, must not only be safeguarded and protected, but also pragmatically proclaimed as much as possible, because men and women on this planet need to perceive the salvific presence of the Spirit in their lives. This change of approach is extremely relevant today.
  • History's greatest inaugural speeches
    Inaugurations speak to our innate need to start over from time to time, to express new hopes and fears, to realign our priorities and make sure the path we're walking on is the right one. We relish the opportunity to turn the page and gaze upon a blank one that's wide open with possibility.
  • Christian unity urgent for a suffering world
    A spiritual director once surprised me by asking: "What does your little voice have to say?"

  • Why we need a distribution of power
    A crucially important feature of Catholic social teaching, but one frequently underemphasized or misunderstood, is a clear animus against the concentration of power within a society. Catholic social doctrine advocates neither statist control nor individual freedom run amok.
  • Jan. 6, 2021, was an epiphany of sorts for Americans who watched in horror as a mob breached the U.S. Capitol, assaulted police and vandalized offices. It was both shockingly unexpected and shockingly unsurprising.
  • As the new COVID-19 vaccines are being rolled out, several people have told me, “I don’t want a vaccine with any connection to abortion.” This is a valid sentiment that most of us would likely echo. At a minimum, it should serve as an important “call to action” for each of us during the course of this pandemic.
  • Chaos at the Capitol: If they had been Black
    Had the majority of pro-Trump supporters been Black, I am convinced that they wouldn't have dared scale the Capitol walls, bust windows to gain illegal entry or found the chutzpah to enter House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office, propping their feet up on her desk. They would not have been buoyed up by sentiments of white privilege that render them unaccustomed to not getting their way.
  • From the Archives
    1971: A new tuition rate of $325, beginning in September, has been set for six Catholic high schools in the Portland area by the Greater Portland Area Catholic High School Principals Association.
  • If ever there were a time to unleash the Catholic Church’s “secret weapon,” it’s now.
  • Superb paper
    Your paper has just been superb in the last six months or so.
  • I have noticed recently what appears to be a leaning left.
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