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  • Remembering Larry
    He was winning pitcher in the famous 1951 National League pennant tie-breaker game ending with “the shot heard round the world.”
  • Conjugal union between a man and woman may be private, but individual it is not.
  • Good as bread
    I found it especially uplifting to learn about his heroes and role models.
  • We’ve been too quiet
    Some form of reparation is needed. Direct cash payments might be warranted, but the Black community would see longer term benefit from free Catholic education, free Catholic college and interest-free home loans from church agencies.
  • War is deadly. While this is an obvious fact regarding those who fight, it is less obvious regarding the life and death plight of many noncombatants trapped within battle zones.
  • Pope Francis sees listening as one of our modern age’s greatest needs
  • ‘Everything works out when we put our trust in God’
    Grandma Lily still has the love and prayers of her husband Woody in her heart now, as her family and friends celebrate her 105th birthday.
  • Doing what’s right in your own sight a bad idea
    What does the Bible think about our current cultural fascination with finding our own voices, setting our own agenda, doing things according to our own lights? Is the Bible for or against this ego-dramatic approach to life?
  • Her battle cry, though clearly motivated by the atrocities unfolding in Ukraine, should also prompt some circumspection and soul searching.
  • We can do better
    Perhaps the best thing about the synod meetings held in parishes around the world was the exchange of ideas and discovery of the conflicting ideas within our community.
  • The face of war
    Mostly thank you for helping me visualize the reality of this war.
  • Pray for us
    May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Like many people who have mental health issues, my sister and I have been looked down upon by fellow believers as if we are not worthy of God’s love.
  • Grave damaged
    I recently came across a gravesite for Father Francis Fierens at Mount Calvary cemetery and was saddened to see that the crucifix and one of the stairs had been vandalized.
  • Vote with integrity
    Before you mark your ballots, think about your faith and your vows at confirmation.
  • Strengthen the ICC
    Ukraine continues to be an ongoing war crime scene littered and smeared with staggering hate-filled cruelties inflicted by Russian invaders.
  • Of God and baseball
    For three-and-a-half hours, families, friends, neighbors and die-hard baseballophiles put aside worries and differences to enjoy an outing with 20,000 of their closest friends to eat peanuts and do the wave.
  • Why the culture was healthier when Johnny Carson and Joan Rivers were around
    The tribalism on display even in late-night comics represents a severe declension from the cultural situation when Johnny Carson reigned supreme.
    Weeping, I went to find my Lord and heard, "Woman, for whom are you looking?"
  • Easter morning at the Grotto, 1978
    Before daybreak, after the daphne bloomed, during the daffodils, ahead of the lilacs, Molly and I, young and in love, walked hand-in-hand among the early birds.
  • Holy happy season
    Most of us are back in church this Easter season, celebrating the greatest period of the liturgical year. It’s a hopeful 50 days, even in dark times.
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