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  • Ancestors read it
    It is fascinating to read about the history of a publication which, I’m certain, was read by most or all my great-grandparents.
  • After Medjugorge visit, I came away convinced
    She truly is a mother who is concerned about each of her children (us). I can’t say that I experienced anything miraculous during that visit, but I came away convinced that it’s legitimate.
    This postcard was mailed to my then 14-year-old Uncle Marius in Holland from a fellow stamp collector living in Germany.
  • One essential question
    Some people are Maseratis and others VWs. It’s not that one is better than the other.
  • Faith Café feeds hungry, prompts encounters
    BEAVERTON — Have you ever been hungry — really hungry? Prior to 2005 in Washington County, there was no place for a hungry person to go for a free hot meal. On April 17, 2005, after months of preparation, the people of Faith Café served their first dinner. Now, 15 years and 150,000 meals later, Faith Café will be celebrating a 15th anniversary in April and remembering all the special guests we have been blessed to serve.
  • A little bit about a really great guy
    During this time, Amos vowed to the patron saint of hopeless causes that should he become a success, he would build a shrine honoring that saint.
  • No morally healthy person likes bad news. But to ignore dangerous bad news because it’s unpleasant to hear and may necessitate getting out of one’s comfort zone, is truly foolish and irresponsible.
  • Suddenly, I felt a tremendous sense of emptiness. Very little of our family life is not connected to a church.
  • Saintly helpers amid illness
    A team of holy helpers entered the medieval Catholic imagination then. These 14 saints from the early centuries of the church were invoked during one of the darkest moments of history. All had suffered.
  • Cheers to moderation
    “No animal ever invented anything so bad as drunkenness — or so good as drink.” G.K. Chesterton nailed it. In excess, alcohol consumption is destructive. In moderation, sublime.
    Thousands of those who gathered at the Auditorium were indignant at the pussyfooted actions of Mayor Baker. 
  • Report on life

    I attended a summer conference at George Fox University and picked up a copy of your paper.

  • Deepest desire
    To be a priest now is to carry a cross, and Father David Schiferl at St. Alexander has carried his well during the quarter century I’ve known him.
  • Unite on life
    In this time of cultural division, let us, as Catholics in western Oregon, unite for life with the archbishop, the president and the church.
  • Extreme what?
    When I called the office of a Eugene parish to request extreme unction for my husband, John, the secretary didn’t know what I was talking about. Greatly surprised, I blurted: “You must be very young!” Then, I thought to say, “Anointing of the sick. I think my husband should have this.”
  • Thanks for this
    May our stewardship be evident in lives moving from the personal to the political/social, from prayer to proclamation, and from fear to anticipation.
  • Good work

    Thank you for keeping the editorials and letters. I think it’s important to see others’ opinions. It doesn’t mean we have to agree with them. But how else are we supposed to know if God is using them to speak to us? Keep up the good work.

  • Support migrants
    At February’s cathedral gathering we committed to pray and take action — writing letters, talking in our parishes, and using the #ShareJourney hashtag from Catholic News Service.
  • There is no need to wait until loved ones are in agony to pick up the pen to say, in one or more ways, how much and why they’re loved.
  • And what are the many good things our nation is failing to do, things that really could be done – like ending abortion, poverty, hunger, homelessness, war and environmental degradation – to make our nation and world a far more just and loving place?

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