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  • Proof in actions
    I am embarrassed that a man who is doing these things is our president and claims to be a devout and practicing Catholic.
  • Pride? No. We feel ashamed.
  • They voted for their party and against their Catholic faith.
  • How disappointing to get an editorial worrying more about the death penalty for criminals than the million innocent lives lost to abortion every year.
  • Many of these letters protest too much. They come across as promoting an ideology rather than searching for truth, as seeking salvation in a political party rather than in the paschal mystery.
  • Put in a binder?
    Should the catechism perhaps be published in a three-ring binder so that Catholics can more easily replace the church’s teachings as it becomes convenient?
  • A Good Friday reflection on Jesus’ suffering with the world
    Pope Francis has often urged us to prayerfully meditate before the crucifix. Because by prayerfully meditating before the crucifix, one can see and begin to understand the ultimate result of sin.
  • God takes care
    The news has continued to report the rise of teen suicides associated with the pandemic. This is related to lack of social interaction.
  • Pray, understand
    Trust in being able to understand the will of God for the role of government since the Lord has written the truth in our hearts.
  • Cathedral stations
    Msgr. Gerard O’Connor is leading the Stations of the Cross each Friday of Lent at 7 p.m. at St. Mary Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. It is available online at maryscathedral.com.
  • Being a faithful Catholic in whom the dogma runs deep but the Spirit runs even deeper, I’m troubled by singular focus on abortion as the litmus test of what makes a good Christian.
  • From the Archives
    All parish chairmen, group leaders and members are urged to begin at once to make this session a banner period in study club annals.
  • From the archives
    There will be general rejoicing among the Catholic people of Portland and many other northwestern communities at the honor which has come to Mr. Hennessey.
  • Leadership and accountability
    True leaders know not to participate in these destructive actions because they affect the entire organization.
  • Should we take whatever vaccine is offered?
    These considerations show us how it is important not to gloss over the distinctions among various COVID-19 vaccines and imply that everybody should get the first version that is available.
  • A vaccine mandate would violate important principles
    Our nation is built on the freedom and responsibility of citizens to decide what is best for them. Mandating a COVID-19 vaccine would erode that foundation.
  • Lasting effects
    Little did we know the next 12 months would be akin to a sustained root canal.
  • How often do we turn to God in prayer expecting him to follow through? How much of church teachings do we fully believe? Can we honestly look in the mirror and claim to have faith like a child?
  • Reenergized
    I loved the review and feel reenergized in my efforts to work on our “common home.”
  • Wisdom & errors
    Catholics should consider supporting the most vulnerable, those who have absolutely no rights, the unborn.
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