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  • Responding to current need
    We Catholics are well placed to address some of the chief problems on the minds of Portlanders: rising homelessness, trash and crime. Here are three practical proposals.
  • A day each month is set aside to pray for a priest — along with a deacon, woman religious, seminarian or brother — serving in the Archdiocese of Portland. Please remember them, and all who serve the church, in your daily prayers.
  • I was appalled when I read an article in the Gresham Outlook about how businesses — including Nike, Adidas, Columbia Sportswear, Salt & Straw, Wieden & Kennedy and Intel — are offering support to their employees who live in states that will not allow abortions.
  • While I applaud the editorial regarding Nancy Pelosi, I have a question about the last sentence. How, precisely, are Governors Abbott and DeSantis “obstinately endangering immigrants”?
  • Focused on salvation
    Some say that priests or bishops who consider enforcing canon law by denying the Eucharist to Catholic politicians who promote and finance abortion clinics need to be more “pastoral.”
  • We need to remember the teachings of our Lord and savior to love our neighbors as ourselves and not apply the teachings of Christ only to limited groups.
  • I have been blacklisted by the Ukrainian government.
  • Catholic men facing same-sex attractions often struggle with how they are supposed to handle their homoromantic feelings. Some clearly understand that the Church invites them to order their feelings and attractions through a life of chaste continence, but they also wrestle with a strong desire for same-sex friendship and bonding.
  • New day of freedom
    With the Supreme Court abortion decision, may the seed of the little aborted martyrs bloom, rising in a springtime of freedom in America. We are witnessing a triumph of the human person.
  • With the reversal of Roe vs. Wade, many commentators, including retired federal judge Thomas Coffin, object to the state imposing Catholic doctrine through “appropriate penal sanctions” (Catholic Catechism 2273) in its defense of unborn children.
  • VIEWPOINTS: The insanity of possessing nuclear weapons
    If within the next 10 years, if within the next year, if within the next 30 minutes, the ravages of nuclear war are unleashed upon humanity – murdering billions of people, inflicting excruciating injuries upon countless others, sending civilization back to the Stone Age and destroying most of the rest of God’s earthly creation, it won’t have happened without much warning.
  • Unjust systems hurt all God’s people
    She lived in a small suite in our convent. Her home in New Orleans had been burned to the ground. She had never learned to read. Yet she was a truly wise woman.
  • Parishioner shares ties with possible saints
    If we observe carefully, we find we are surrounded by saints, ordinary people who live everyday lives with extraordinary faith. Rita Akin, a member of St. Joseph the Worker Parish in Southeast Portland, is linked to some people who may even get an official declaration of sainthood.
  • What sports should be
    Doug Brenner was a big man on campus, literally. A lineman for the Jesuit football squad, he was also big of heart, full of gentleness and kindness.
  • Be more like a dog
    Let’s face it: dogs are cool. Not that the cat world doesn’t have its heroes, but I can’t recall ever reading about how a cat alerted the household of a fire, warned off an intruder, chased down a tennis ball, or subdued a fleeing criminal.
  • Remember the Bible
    If you’re a fellow believer who enjoys hating LGBTQ+ people on the grounds of the faith, remember these quotes from Scripture.
  • Yes, all life is miraculous and precious. But that miracle and preciousness can be squelched by the absence or disregard of free will.
  • Be proactive
    We should promote marriage, not support women who choose to have a child out of wedlock
  • We are a group who love the beauty and holiness of the Eastern Catholic Byzantine liturgy. We are currently serving the Divine Liturgy several times each month at St. Anthony Catholic Church in Tigard.
  • I will follow those who accept and follow the counsel of our Holy Father Pope Francis.
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