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  • Peace at Thanksgiving
    Now that Election Day 2020 has passed, we should remember that Pope Francis has called us to be united as the people of God.
  • Silent treachery
    If our church had spoken out and condemned pro-abortion candidates, some damage may have been done to our churches, but it would gain national attention.
  • Demand rights
    Thank you for the pictures of ruined, burned down houses, and for the words of the prayerful, resigned owners. Their faith is inspiring — I wonder if I could be that accepting of such a loss.
  • One, not two
    The biggest potential problem we had was the danger of becoming two parishes in one building, divided among Spanish- and English-speakers. We felt nobody wanted that.
  • I think we are just around the corner from seeing people being able to choose if they want to live or not. I feel this culture of death is alarming. 
  • Love habits
    Religious sisters wearing their habits are a beautiful example for all of us.
  • PHILADELPHIA — Recently, many people have been reaching out with questions about vaccines. So, I thought it would be helpful to mention some of the most common ones and try to provide some answers.
  • I am thankful everyday knowing that God led me to the Sentinel.
  • ‘On Eagle’s Wings’
    How good that a Catholic hymn may play a role in healing a nation.
  • Self-absorbed nation
    We have stimulated, entertained and indulged ourselves in the indecent basement of domestic politics. It’s time to climb upstairs to greet the rest of the world.
  • Not only is the United States a divided country, but the Catholic Church in the U.S. is as divided as the nation. And the presidential election drove home that point.
  • I am disturbed at the misinformation and lack of knowledge of some of my Catholic friends regarding the focus of church leaders. I for one, and there are thousands like me, are very pleased and thankful for our current leadership.
  • Recalling the storm
    “Maybe it’s the end of the world,” I thought. From a second-floor window I saw leaves swirling wildly against a darkening, strangely colored sky. A tree taller than our house bent nearly double from a wind growing louder and more frightening by the minute. 
  • Kudos to parish
    Dozens of volunteer parishioners were painting, installing flooring, rebuilding a stage into a sanctuary and working feverishly everywhere to transform a structure into a reverent house of God, right before my eyes.
  • Ignoring him?
    I see multiple stories covering the Archdiocese of Portland. However, as a Catholic paper, one should expect to see our Holy Father’s messages and teachings being shared with all the faithful.
  • Hard to figure
    The U.S. Catholic bishops’ statement declares, “We do not intend to tell Catholics whom to vote for or against.” After reading the excerpts of their document, I have to say the bishops aren’t kidding.
  • Most serve well
    This story reminds us that law enforcement officers are our classmates and our neighbors. The vast majority serve with honor.
  • Love continues
    If they loved us while they were living they can and often will continue to love us after they’ve gone.
  • Memes used to tweak believers', politicians' views
    WASHINGTON (CNS) — Catholics are taught there is one God in three persons. But in the world of memes — roughly described as photo- or illustration-driven editorial cartoons — there's more than one Jesus.
  • Smoke advisory?
    I wish that there had been similar advice during the extraordinary problem with air quality.
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