Bob Jaques
Bob Jaques
I’ve written before about why I work for the Sentinel. I shared, among other things, that the professionalism, dedication and skills of our people are unmatched in any news organization with which I’ve been associated. For all that, I am truly grateful.

But this is about you, our reader.

Over these nine plus years, I’ve added to my life’s resume – not in the usual sense, but in a different, more profound way: I’ve renewed my faith in God, and despite the barrage of harrowing events in the headlines, I’ve renewed my faith in humanity. For someone who grew to look at the world through a cynical lens, this is a big deal.

I credit you, the faith-driven Catholic “doer” for adding that richness to my life. Your mindset is that care for the poor, the immigrant, the sick, the senior on a fixed income is a “natural,” no matter your age or station in life. Your schools teach it, your Catholic Charities gives of it, your CYO invests in it, and your parishes nurture it. Your faith expects that every human has a fundamental obligation to see after the welfare of each other. From my first experiences of helping at Blanchet House, St. Francis dining hall and Camp Howard, I’ve grown to see the world in these terms: that humanity across all borders is connected by a need for empathy, understanding and love. The takeaway for me is that I’m more driven to do the right thing than ever before. I will forever try to continue to learn, practice what I’ve learned, and grow more in this way.

I’ve chatted with hundreds of you over the years. I will cherish those conversations that have made me laugh, consoled me, answered my questions, and questioned my point of view. CYO’s Sr. Krista von Borstel, Mother Mary of the Sisters of Reparation, and Auxiliary Bishop Peter Smith are a few of those who have, whether they know it or not, helped me that way. Beyond them are countless customers, teachers, priests, altar ladies, nuns, seniors, volunteers and parishioners who’ve taken the time to share a little bit of themselves, and a lot of their faith with me. When faced with a problem, I’ve occasionally found myself leaning on collective conversations, and after some thought get to the right conclusion for me. I am more at peace.

To all of you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jaques is senior advertising representative.