Regarding “A sacred right,” June 4, Page 31:

In this opinion piece, the editor starts the story in the middle. After referring to new strengthened voting laws as addressing a “phantom problem,” he cites little evidence to support his position.

There are many reasons that prove him wrong. Here are six:

• covered windows to prevent lawful observers from witnessing the ballot count;

• surveillance/security recordings of violations of ballot counting;

• persistent “chains of custody” issues in ballot handling;

• ballots counted more than once;

• “mailed” ballots lacking creases yet counted;

• ballots counted but now missing.

Another major influence for strengthening voter laws are the many sworn affidavits by first-person witnesses to credible irregularities that seriously undermined our “sacred rite.”

There was also the problem of partisan operatives illegally working with state election officials to change state election laws in the year leading up to the 2020 election.

Has the editor assumed the role of a modern-day Winston Smith, protagonist in George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, stuffing inconvenient facts down the notorious “memory hole” while mindlessly repeating the “new truths?”

Dennis Sinclair