Sarah Wolf
Sarah Wolf
VANCOUVER, Wash. — There was a silence. Then there was a boom, followed by a crash of drywall and insulation that dragged on for what seemed like ages. It wasn’t the sound I expected to hear when a 100-foot pine tree fell through my house. Then again, I never expected a 100-foot pine tree to fall through my house.

Isn’t it always shocking to endure these moments of seeming crisis — like when a beloved family member dies or when a job you’ve cherished comes to an end?

If there’s anything that I’ve learned, it’s that life is full of these moments. But each unexpected catastrophe, each unexpected crisis is a chance to turn to the Lord and put your faith to the test.

These moments may mean change but they may also mean a new beginning. That doesn’t make them less traumatic or less frightening but it does make them an opportunity for transformation.

If there’s anything I can pass on to readers in this last issue of the Catholic Sentinel, it’s that God loves you. God provides, even in unexpected times and ways. We must have faith that he can do that, and that he can heal our brokenness. No human can do that. Only God.

Selfishly, I want thank Ed, Kristen, Katie, Bob, Susan, Rocio, Paco and Patricia for forming me into the Catholic reporter I am today. I loved every minute. And thank you to all the Sentinelians who’ve gone before me.

May God grant the leaders of the Archdiocese of Portland wisdom as they turn to a new beginning in communication. May light shine down upon us all.

Wolf is a former reporter for the Catholic Sentinel.