While traveling from California to my home in Seattle, I was privileged to attend Holy Thursday Mass at St. Joseph Church in Roseburg. The liturgy was very beautiful and the presiding priest and servers and choir were wonderful. While I was there I read the Catholic Sentinel. Many articles were enlightening, but I was shocked to see that three letters to the editor degraded the president for his stance on abortion.

President Biden has given $300 to each child of every family in the United States in his stimulus package. He advocates a $300 monthly allowance for each child be made a permanent part of our infrastructure. Most European countries have an allowance for children similar to this.

No woman would choose abortion if she had the means to support a child. Financial resources for pregnant women are very deficient. President Biden is trying to give women the means to support their unborn babies. This bill will stop many more abortions than anti-abortion laws.

Joyce Farrell