The Supreme Court recently decided to review a Mississippi law that limits abortions to those that fall within fewer than 15 weeks of pregnancy.

The U.S. is one of only seven nations that allow abortions after 20 weeks for any reason, a consequence of the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe vs Wade decision. Among these seven are notorious human rights abusers North Korea and China. Most of Europe has stricter abortion policies than Mississippi’s 15-week law.

The American pro-abortion lobby has not considered even modest and sensible changes to current Roe abortion-on-demand policies, including those which could benefit the health and the lives of women as well as their unborn babies. Few realize that later term abortions have higher death rates for women.

Current science and technology more and more clearly bring us face to face with the humanity of the child in the womb. Let me introduce you to a little boy name Tommy. He has been in his mother’s womb for 15 weeks. Ultrasound images let us see that Tommy has eyebrows, a nose and lips. He yawns, sucks his thumb, tastes, smiles and cries. He feels pain.

Ultrasound images give us a view of the unborn child’s reactions during a late term abortion. We can see the child trying to escape from the instruments of the abortionist and the face contorting in horror. The attempted evasion is in vain as we can see the abortionist’s instruments tear the unborn infant apart.

Back to Tommy. By six months in the womb, he can hear people talking and can recognize the voices. He may leap for joy in his mother’s womb when he is happy or upon hearing a pleasant voice. He may enjoy music. Little Tommy may hear better than some of your elderly relatives. Yet he does not have the right to life in the U.S. until he leaves his mother’s womb.

Abortion means Tommy is not given the chance to live out his life. This not only takes away his future but all that we would have been able to enjoy and share with him as the unique person which God created him to be.

God created little Tommy with his own distinctive vocation to witness an aspect of God which only he can reveal and reflect to those around him. Abortion is not only an attack on the unborn person, but on God’s plan.

A tyranny of ignorance has consumed our nation when it comes to abortion. As St. Teresa of Kolkata asked, “How can there be peace in a society when a mother is willing to kill her unborn child?”

With the Supreme Court agreeing to review this abortion case, let us pray with all our hearts, minds and souls for the justices that they make a wise decision for the common good consistent with the Lord’s will. Let us also pray for our nation to repent, and that in the Lord’s mercy the blood shed by these precious little martyrs, who have not even been allowed a gasp of breath, be like the seed the Lord Jesus speaks about which falls to the ground and dies. With his blessing and our trust, may this seed finally blossom, rising up in a new freedom in America.

Fazio is a member of St. Birgitta Parish in the Linnton District of Northwest Portland.