Fr. Gary Smith holds a child in Africa.
Fr. Gary Smith holds a child in Africa.

Regarding “A radical compassion,” Aug. 16, Page 1:

For the past few weeks I have been visiting friends in Oregon and had the good fortune to read the article about Jesuit Father Gary Smith. I wanted to thank Katie Scott for the excellent piece of journalism she offered your readers. Indeed, I was inspired and grateful for the ministry and generosity that Father Smith has given to so many of God’s folk and continues to give.

My experience of the article and the way it was crafted seemed to offer us the opportunity to glimpse both the man as well as the faith that has guided his life. Scott told us about Father Smith and highlighted several aspects of his journey in a manner that, for me, provided edification.

Thank you for using your journalism skills on our behalf.

P. Yaternick,

Nepean, Ontario, Canada