First, I really hate the loss of free obituaries for the laity. Amid COVID-19, this was almost the only way to learn of what’s happening to friends. This was a most important biweekly feature to me. My senior relatives and friends have been dying at a very rapid rate — and that is just the tip if the iceberg I learn about. Most such deaths go unreported in public.

Second, I would like to see an expansion of what appears in your news briefs: Vatican, other international church news, news from the U.S., Canada and Mexico and other dioceses in the Pacific Northwest, California and Nevada. These last are our neighbors where family live, and you have almost no coverage there.

Third, the church needs to learn to cover controversial issues in a proactive way — not ignore them — so that the only news we get on them is secular media or extreme right-wing groups. I realize that real news coverage “ruffles feathers” but it is needed unless you want pagans and extremists forming our views. Bad church news does not go away because you don’t report it. The church is losing people by the thousands and we need to deal with these subjects honestly and positively.

John Breiling

Northwest Portland