Sacred Heart Church in Tillamook
Sacred Heart Church in Tillamook

Regarding “Tillamook parish bringing communities together,” July 7, page 7:

The assertion that Tillamook’s early settlers were predominantly Swiss is incorrect.

I have a list of 13 early settlers who built the first Catholic Church. Eleven are Irish, one is French, one is unknown. No Germans or Swiss.

Your own paper in 1991 reported: “The earliest settlers in the area were mostly Irish, with names such as Fitzpatrick, Tone, Purcell, Murphy, Bresnahan and O’Hara.”

That same report said that David Fitzpatrick and his father, William, wrote Archbishop Gross seeking establishment of a Tillamook parish with a priest.

Yes, I am prejudiced. My grandfather was Frank Tone and my grandmother was a Purcell. My godmother was Mary, David Fitzpatrick’s youngest daughter.

Michael Brown