Regarding “A new vision for criminal justice in Oregon,” April 5, Page 6:

So, the director of Oregon’s state prison system sent seven of her staff to study Norwegian prisons. I wonder, do the big houses of Norway have lots of Southsiders, Nortenos or Latin Kings in the prison mix? Does Oslo have sizable neighborhoods of Crips, Bloods or Gangster Disciples? Are the arctic regions home to neo-Nazis and white supremacists?

I doubt it. 

Go ahead, cheer on prison reform. It is the prevailing wind at the moment. But if Oregon reduced its prison population by, say, 35% over 10 years, would there be a budget for seven staffers to go on another international tour? No.

Big prison populations equal bigger departmental budgets equals larger administrative staffs. Go ahead, pray and address the membership of the church, but I see you. 

Daniel Jenkins

Two Rivers

Correctional Institution