Fr. Frank Kennard
Fr. Frank Kennard

Regarding “Remembering Fr. Frank Kennard,” Nov. 15, Page 11:

Gratefully, I read your profile of the late Father Frank Kennard. I would like to add two quotations from him I’ve never forgotten.

On one occasion I asked Father Kennard what gave him the wherewithal in his life to make his priestly ministry so creative and adventuresome.

He replied: “My sister and I were orphans and we had to become very resourceful early in our lives.”

On another occasion, when a certain program was very popular in the church, I asked him what he thought about it.

He stated: “There is no quick fix to growth in God. What we have to do is to die a little more to ourselves each day.”

May Father Kennard, in the communion of saints today, pray for us to use all of life’s experiences to grow in God and to serve others selflessly.

Loretta Matulich

Oregon City