The Catholic Church since Vatican II encourages all of us not only to attend but to participate in the celebration of the Mass by responding and praying with one another. Since Vatican II, we have been encouraged to respond in our own language, using words we understand and can pronounce properly.

Prayers are conversational between Jesus and us. How are we able to do this with our whole hearts and souls if we are speaking words that have no meaning to us?

Jesus did not say, “This is how you pray . . .” and then teach in a foreign language.

When I attended school, I was taught the Mass responses in Latin and was taught the meaning. Today, unless they are very fortunate, most children attend public school and receive their Catholic education by attending classes from teachers who are dedicated — but who do not know Latin.

Latin Mass is also very difficult to explain to non-Catholics. Are we being encouraged to revert to old ways instead of connecting and evangelizing those around us?

B.C. Holden