Regarding “Group, which includes Catholics, claims sex ed has gone too far,” March 15, Page 19:

“A team of grandmas?” What an insult. No matter what the rest of the article said, the stage was set. This setting was not by accident. Most readers got the image. A bunch of old women against sex.

We know you think we are kooks. Well, so be it. We know that the no-boundaries sex education curriculums pushed and mandated by the Oregon Department of Education are at best misguided and at worst, evil. 

We at Parents’ Rights in Education are not afraid. We are the group that stopped the infamous Adolescent Sexuality Conference held every year in Seaside right across from Our Lady of Victory Church. This Catholic will continue to support the goals of PRIE.

I will apologize for your insult to our members and tell them that not all Catholics use dismissive labels to describe PRIE and hopefully someday you will, too.

Jim Welsh


Editor’s note: Mr. Welsh appears to have a surprisingly low opinion of grandmothers. I used the image because it is true of the PRIE leadership I interviewed (they made a point of telling me they are grandmas) and because it is disarming. The term evokes an image of stable, strong, experienced women, the very opposite of kooks. The women are leading a significant grassroots movement. Mr. Welsh is welcome to debate whether the wording hit the mark, but he ought not conjure up phantom motives.