Three Tennessee Catholic bishops came out together in opposition to a fetal heartbeat bill. Their stated reason was: “Given the field of legal realities that we must consider, we believe it would not be prudent to support the ‘Heartbeat Bill’ knowing the certainty of its overturning when challenged, in addition to the court ordered fees that would be paid to the pro-abortion plaintiffs.”

These Church leaders took a pragmatic pass while the faithful spoke out for justice.  If the abortion industry is ever to be curtailed and the pre-born are ever to have a legally recognized right to life, it will be because people of conscience demand it.

It is in state legislatures that the people are speaking out all across this nation. The abortion lobby will never relent and if the cost of litigation is enough to stop justice, then they have the leverage to stop justice.  These Bishops, standing in opposition to the pro-life legislation, need instead to be affirming the people of Tennessee in this endeavor, and do so with their full blessing.  We need to hear a truly Catholic voice in support of all legislative actions addressed to the protection the pre-born.

Deacon Joseph Garlitz