Regarding “COVID-19 vaccine myths,” May 7 health care insert, Page H:

Thanks for revealing that the fetal cell connection to the COVID-19 vaccine is not a myth by noting that cell lines from 1970s and ’80s were used in testing.

We are told it’s alright to use the vaccines because of a grave danger. Those babies in the womb, whom Mother Teresa included as among the poorest of the poor, were also in grave danger, and dying in greater numbers.

How about a Catholic suggestion related to this knowledge? Let’s take the vaccine only with prayerful reluctance, reflecting on the mitigating circumstances of the pandemic. Ironic, that in the race to get doses, we see a healing hope come from real heroes who were thrown into a scientific abyss. It is the same science that proves life begins at conception.

Let’s pray in our homes and churches for their little souls before we overlook the role they played. Let it never become a myth that we accepted their help without grateful hearts.

Dave Classen