Regarding “Gay minister of Eucharist?” Dec. 20, Page 3:

Uses of terms like “gay” and “orientation” buy into the acceptance of cultural and political norms.

Same-sex attraction is the proper term to use when seeking to understand this difficult issue. To be tempted in this regard is not entering into sin, but like any lustful thoughts it should be curtailed as God gives us the grace to overcome.

The catechism does point out the psychological complexity, but it is not a universally agreed upon proven fact of biology that you are “born that way.”

We are all born into sin and yes we have been negatively impacted through nurture and life experiences, some very deep-rooted. But praise be to God, that is the glory of our salvation and the great redemptive gift through Christ — our Lord’s mercy unto forgiveness.

We are a “new creature” in Christ Jesus. We are changed by the constant renewing of our hearts and minds to conform to his image and purpose for our lives.

Ron McGarrell

North Bend