St. John Paul II and other Catholic thinkers have been troubled by socialism, so I was dismayed to see Catholic Charities supporting Measure 26-210, essentially a wealth redistribution tool.

Wealthy people (and corporations) often give generously. Singling them out for a tax sends messages like, “You don’t need that/You didn’t earn that/You owe that.”

California created a similar tax in 2012, and a Stanford study found that the departure rate of wealthier taxpayers almost doubled, meaning the likelihood of a wealthy resident moving out of California increased by about 40% after Proposition 30.

The study estimates that taxpayer responses erased more than 45% of the expected revenue gains from that “tax the rich” measure.

Tax increases on business is often passed on to consumers, leaving even less money for direct donations to charity. Church teaching on charity ensures a cheerful giver; taxation does not.

Kim Lee