Regarding “Trauma behind closed doors,” June 18, Page 1, and “Religion as roadblock or resource,” July 2, Page 1:

This two-part series on the Catholic response to domestic violence is impressive.

Thank you for your innovative and compassionate leadership to identify and approve this special project. There is no way to measure the good you have done but we shall trust that it is far-reaching.

Katie Scott clearly described the dilemma and identified sources of hope.

We have been giving interviews since our inception 10 years ago. I can say without reservation that this series is the best. It is engaging, informative, comprehensive, and far-reaching with its array of experts.

We especially appreciate when the U.S. Catholic bishops’ exceptional pastoral statement “When I Call for Help” is described in such detail. And lifting up Father Chuck Dahm’s great work in Chicago is always a beacon and model of how each diocese can respond to the reality that some people in the pews are dealing with abuse. We refer to both sources in our work to encourage dioceses to create a coordinated response to domestic abuse.

Scott’s choice of bookending the second part with the story of Mandy personalized the issue and described the dilemma so many Catholics encounter. The story pointed to our purpose — we want to be a resource to share authentic church teaching about abuse so people can make decisions that help them be safe and heal.

On behalf of our board, thank you for the insight, time, energy, and expertise it took to produce the above two articles.

Sharon O’Brien

Director of Catholics For Family Peace Education and Research Initiative

Severna Park, Maryland