Rep. Jennifer Williamson
Rep. Jennifer Williamson

Regarding “A Capitol faith,” June 21, Page 5:

As a longtime subscriber to the Catholic Sentinel, I have enjoyed the timely articles and thoughtful commentaries. However, your recent piece that included Rep. Jennifer Williamson troubled me greatly.

Why should a Catholic publication laud a legislator who has dramatically distanced herself publicly from perennial Catholic teaching on the sanctity of life?

Rep. Williamson has repeatedly voted in opposition to Oregon Catholic Conference legislative recommendations on bills having to do with abortion and euthanasia. She serves on the board of NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon and well deserves its endorsement of her candidacy. NARAL opposes all protective measures for the unborn, including parental notice and a ban on late-term abortions.

As a former Democrat, I mourn the once-great party’s cowardly position on the preeminent social justice issue of our time with its total abandonment of unborn children. One would think the Catholic Sentinel could find and salute Catholic political leaders whose faith inspires them to stand up for those among us most in need of defense.

Hopefully, Ms. Williamson will one day fit into that category.

Lynda Harrington

Mill City