Don't oversimplify Crusades and jihad, letter writer says.
Don't oversimplify Crusades and jihad, letter writer says.
Regarding “Faith leaders call for end to Islamophobia”:

Attacks on Muslim people or their property are despicable.
From the fact that all people are created in the image of God and deserve respect, it does not follow that ideologies or religions they profess deserve the same.

Islam, as a religious, political, and judicial system, has since its inception posed a vigorous challenge to Christianity, and continues to do so today.

For a good understanding of a not so simplistic connection between Islam and violence, this Catholic source is very helpful: (“Endless Jihad: The Truth about Islam and Violence”).

Putting Crusades and modern Islamic violence in one sentence with no further explanation betrays lack of understanding of our own Catholic history on one hand, and the roots of Islamic violence on the other.  

We need to respect Muslims as people, and meet the challenge their religion poses to our civilization with a thoughtful and charitable answer, much the same way saints like Thomas Aquinas and Francis of Assisi did.

Edmund Pierzchala