Six students and three faculty from the University of Portland will help determine the recipients of the 2018 Opus Prize, a $1.2 million annual award recognizing individuals or organizations who address persisting social problems.

The U.P. ambassadors will accompany members of the Opus Prize Foundation Board on site visits next spring. The six are Brenna Chapman, Emily Holguin, Ezedin Jabr, Nick Krautscheid, Julianna Oliphant and Alex Peterson.

Faculty are Andrew Nuxoll (the engineering department), Amber Vermeesch (nursing) and John Watzke, dean of the School of Education.

Each year, the Opus Prize Foundation chooses a Catholic university to serve as its partner in selecting the Opus Prize laureates and finalists.

The award is one of the world’s largest faith-based gifts for social entrepreneurship, with a single $1 million award and two $100,000 prizes.