St. Padre Pio
St. Padre Pio
My husband’s recurrence of cancer came as a surprise. Nine years after his diagnosis of leukemia, we thought we had left the disease behind.

Abbasse, eternally brave and steadfast, faced long odds. Last summer was spent with daily rounds of radiation and weekly doses of chemotherapy. In early September, the images didn’t look good. The cancer was still there. Abbasse’s doctors didn’t feel he was healthy enough for surgery. They recommended continued surveillance and eventually hospice and a heartbreaking goodbye.

In an effort to protect Talla, our son, we didn’t tell him the gravity of his papa’s prognosis. We hoped that St. Agatha Parish and its school would provide him with a spiritual refuge and a community to help him as our family faced a painful reality. We prayed in earnest. Bobbi Omo, the teacher, and her third grade class took up the cause, praying for Abbasse daily with intercession prayers to St. Padre Pio.

We never expected what we heard the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

Abbasse’s doctor called, and Abbasse handed me the phone, not wanting to hear the presumed bad news.

“There’s no cancer,” the doctor said with delight in his voice. Miraculously, the cancer was gone. The doctors are happily baffled, and we are relishing our new reality.

Thank you to all of the children and families who prayed for Abbasse. Your prayers mean the world to our family. Your grace and goodwill is a bright light. God bless you. Miracles do happen.

Bodian is a member of St. Agatha Parish in Southeast Portland.