Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers’ voice really carries.

That’s not just because of his famous volume. The permanent deacon from Immaculate Heart Parish in North Portland has come on as new cohost for an EWTN national radio program. “Morning Glory” is broadcast across the country Monday – Friday during the morning commute. In western Oregon, Mater Dei Radio will air the program at 8 a.m. after its local drive time programming on 88.3 FM in Portland and Salem and 94.9 and 100.5 FM in the Eugene area. 

Burke-Sivers — who travels the country speaking about marriage, family life, male spirituality, evangelization and pro-life issues — joins EWTN cohost Gloria Purvis. The pair often explore the ancient values of Catholicism and apply them to the news of the day. They may not always agree, as happened when they discussed the new Gillette shaving ad campaigns, which promote kinder, gentler males. Purvis likes the commercials  and their promotion of virtue, while Burke-Sivers says they miss the richness of male life, allowing the Me Too Movement to define men from a negative premise.

Burke-Sivers laughs about the debate, which to him is healthy. One of the good things “Morning Glory” does, he explains, is show how to disagree over faith matters in a constructive way. The show draws priests and other wise counselors into the conversation.

“We’re having a blast,” he says.

Burke-Sivers, known as the “Dynamic Deacon,” offers a no-nonsense approach to living the Gospel and proclaiming it. He also has appeared on EWTN television programs.

Burke-Sivers’ books include “Behold the Man: A Catholic Vision of Male Spirituality” and “Father Augustus Tolton: The Slave Who Became the First African-American Priest.”

He’ll continue to host the weekly “Living Stones” program on Mater Dei Radio with Ken Hallenius. Airing Mondays at 7 p.m., it’s one of Mater Dei’s most popular programs, says Patrick Ryan, executive director of the station.

“We are very excited that Deacon Harold can now be heard each weekday on ‘Morning Glory,’” says Ryan, who credits Burke-Sivers for playing a key role in his own spiritual development. “My prayer is that Deacon Harold will add an exciting, new dynamic to ‘Morning Glory’ and increase the effectiveness of our stations to lead listeners closer to Christ.”

Before Burke-Sivers accepted the new daily role, he spoke with his wife, Colleen, and prayed a great deal.

Though he travels 200,000 miles per year to lead retreats and workshops, he can cohost “Morning Glory” from wherever he is at the moment. EWTN provided a mobile radio studio for him that runs off an internet connection.

He and Colleen have four children.

“I hope the show helps people to think deeply,” says Burke-Sivers, a Benedictine Oblate of Mount Angel Abbey.

Burke-Sivers likes radio as a medium because it can catch people who may be flipping through the dial without a plan. Those chance encounters with curious people can have a major impact, he says.