This month marks the first year for Source and Summit, an Archdiocese of Portland quarterly newsletter for extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion. Those are the 6,000 or so western Oregon Catholics once known as eucharistic ministers; the current name, put forward by the Vatican, provides greater precision about the role and its holy importance.

The newsletter gets its name from the Second Vatican Council’s central document on liturgy, published in 1963. “Sacrosanctum Concilium” called the Mass both the source and summit of the Christian life, meaning it is of ultimate importance and also guides and energizes everything else Christians do.

The newsletter is the work of Msgr. Gerard O’Connor, director of the Office of Divine Worship for the archdiocese. He has trained 3,500 extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion in western Oregon and 2,500 more have been trained by parishes.

“There was nothing to connect those people,” Msgr. O’Connor said. “The newsletter was intended to give them a clearer identity, to bring them together.”

He explains that the digital publication is both a means of unification and a tool of formation. Church teaching on the Eucharist is so large and so deep that just a workshop won’t do it. “It is ongoing formation,” Msgr. O’Connor said.

He has cited parts of the Catechism of the Catholic Church at length and has reflected on it for the ministers. In recent issues, he has explored the Lamb of God imagery in the Eucharist and special eucharistic devotions.

“We have raised the bar a bit when it comes to reverence and solicitude toward the Blessed Sacrament,” Msgr. O’Connor said. “It is not a casual thing. It is intentional.”

The monsignor includes articles that are just plain fascinating, like a piece on the image of the pelican as a symbol of Jesus’ sacrificial love.

The digital newsletter gets emailed out to all 6,000 ministers. Feedback has been positive.

“I think the title says it all, and I believe it is very informative, inciteful and easy to understand,” said Charlene Harvey, a member of St. Vincent de Paul Church in Salem. Harvey said that the newsletter can nobly fill any gap there might be in parish adult faith formation.

Msgr. O’Connor said he hopes readers learn something new that they like and that is inspiring.

The newsletter also goes out in a Spanish translation called Fuente y Cumbre. Both English and Spanish versions are available for anyone to download on the web page of the Divine Worship Office,