The Oregon Capitol in Salem
The Oregon Capitol in Salem

Regarding “A Capitol faith,” June 21, Page 5:

I read this article with disappointment. It profiled two legislators in the Oregon House of Representatives, one of whom was Rep. Jennifer Williamson D-Portland, referring to her as being a Catholic whose faith influences her personal life and policy perspectives. 

It is false representations like this that have led to a destruction of our Catholic faith within the political sphere and our society as a whole. We live in a relatively free republic and are each entitled to our own political opinions and philosophies. However, claiming that a person’s personal life and policy perspectives are influenced by the Catholic faith is disingenuous when she actively advocates for and supports policies and legislation that is intrinsically evil and opposed to basic Catholic doctrine and teaching. 

Yes, I’m referring to abortion. Rep. Williamson not only voted for, but was one of the chief sponsors of, Oregon House Bill 3391 which passed in the legislature in 2017 and was signed into law. It requires mandatory taxpayer money to fund more abortions in a state which already had zero restrictions to begin with. It set aside $500,000 for Planned Parenthood, where Rep. Williamson in the past served on the board of directors. To present this to the public and particularly your Catholic readers is just contributing to an erosion of the faith and tacit approval of immoral public policies.

Jeff Johnson