It is the custom, in this age, for demagogues of every degree to denounce the Catholic Church as “the enemy of education.” But if these ignorant and impudent people would only read more and talk less they might begin to realize the ridiculous attitude they assume whenever they reiterate this exploded slander regarding the Church of God.

These one-idea simpletons who thus traduce the Church seem to think there is no history back of the Church beyond the days of ’76.

Catholics, however, have the unspeakable pleasure of pointing back to the history of the past and from thence producing the evidence which annihilates the fraudulent fabrications brought against us. Even at the very birth of Christianity the mission of the Church was to teach. “Go,” said the Founder of Catholic faith to His Apostles, “teach all nations” and, in the exercise of this divine prerogative, and in the prosecution of this God-given mission, the energy and enterprise of the Catholic Church, in the cause of education, is one of the grandest triumphs of her glorious career. She loves, she glories in the triumphs of the human intellect.

— Nov. 1, 1877