Don’t let the coronavirus pandemic “rob you of your Easter joy,” Archbishop Alexander Sample urged April 17 during a livestreamed chat from his home chapel.

Each Friday evening at 6 p.m. during the crisis, the archbishop has spoken and led prayer from his Northwest Portland house. As for everyone, the archbishop has met with quarantine com-plications; he explained that the next door neighbor had shut off a noisy wood chipper just in time for the livestream.

The archbishop told viewers that the Evil One will try to sow discord during the crisis and “sour” minds and hearts. “We can’t let him do that,” the archbishop said. “We can’t get down, we can’t get discouraged, we can’t get at each other, we can’t complain.”

He said that some people might even lose faith at this time, like St. Thomas. Showing a 16th-century painting by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio of Jesus putting St. Thomas’ hand into the side of his resurrected body, the archbishop noted that several other apostles seem to be looking on in need of more convincing. The implication: Everyone has doubts sometimes.

The archbishop reminded viewers that the apostles ended up giving their lives in martyrdom rather than deny what they knew — Jesus had risen and appeared to them.

“Have confidence, faith,” the archbishop said. “If you have struggles with faith, ask the Lord to help you.”