An 1851 front page from the Pittsburgh Catholic
An 1851 front page from the Pittsburgh Catholic
The historic Pittsburgh Catholic newspaper stopped its presses in March after 175 years of publication. The paper was distributed at Masses and when Masses stopped, so did distribution.

In 1844, Bishop Michael O’Connor launched the paper, saying it would “be devoted particularly to an exposition and defense of Catholic principles.” Party politics was to be avoided, the bishop said.

One current reporter said the closure was about more than coronavirus. The diocese, reeling from a major sex abuse scandal, planned a new direction in communications.

The Catholic Sentinel was started in Portland in 1870 in response to anti-Catholicism. Responding and replying to today’s challenges, threats and opportunities, the Sentinel continues defending, instructing and protecting God’s people, Catholic and catholic.

Condolences are offered to the Pittsburgh Catholic and thanks are given to and for the Catholic Sentinel. The word of God, printed and/or posted, is living and effective.

Rolando Rodriguez

Port Orford