Regarding “The quest for a pro-life OB-GYN,” Feb. 21, Page 1:

I was left wishing that women who choose a less clinical route were also spoken to. I had my daughter at a midwife clinic and while my midwife didn’t share my faith she was extremely supportive of my desire not to use contraceptives. Further, all members of my care team truly saw a beauty in pregnancy and childbirth that apparently was lacking for the two women interviewed.

Friends of mine who used midwives and doulas who are women of faith experienced births at hospitals, birth centers, and at home where prayer was a part of the delivery as they offered up pain for intentions and had their care team pray with them.

While I also lament the lack of Catholic OB-GYNs there are more options out there for those willing and wanting to use different care methods.

Emily Waldron

Southeast Portland