Regarding “A lasting influence on Oregon Catholicism,” March 6, Page 14:

I was happy to see your article about the legendary Father Thomas Tobin. I don’t think it did him full justice, however.

As a student at All Saints in the mid-1950s, I found him to be one of the most influential persons in my entire life.

He was to be feared and respected to be sure. But he made sure all did their regular sacraments. All boys were altar boys on the schedule, summer or winter, and you’d better show up on time — and you did. He was omnipresent at all Masses and wanted all ages — including noisy toddlers — to be there for the Eucharist.

In an age when our church and clergy get notoriety for many of the wrong reasons, Father Tobin stands out over the decades as a strong beacon of our faith, and I thank him for that, as I am sure do many other former Ramblers.

Natt McDougall

Lake Oswego