Dear God,

This coronavirus is a lot worse than we expected. Every country on the face of the earth is infected. I thought in a week or so it would blow over and things would turn back to normal.

I think we are in for a new kind of normal. This certainly has gotten our attention.

Before this, Mass and holy days didn’t seem as important as they once were. We’d gotten lax in our church attendance and tithing.

I was only going to golf that one Sunday with the guys. Before I knew it I had a new idol. I had let God slowly but surely slip out of my life. At first I felt bad but soon golf was my new Sunday habit.

If we look at ourselves and how we have opted to live, some might say we put God in the back seat.

Well, l said to myself, “God knows I love him. Why must I go to a building to worship him, when I can be on the beautiful green golf course? Isn’t God everywhere? If I don’t go to church no one will care or notice.”

So I thought.

One thing about this pandemic: We have a chance to remember who is the center of our lives and who created us. Gone are our freedoms, sports events, theaters and workplaces — even our churches.

Most people ignore or don’t take advantage of what they have been given. Once it’s lost they hope and pray they will get it back.

We all might want to step back and look at the religious lives we lead or don’t lead. What do we have hidden in the closet? What idols have we placed above God — money, football, basketball, baseball, traveling, sleeping in?

Did we forget we have a soul to take care of? We need God more today than ever before.

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. We need the sacraments to grow closer to you. We need the community, the body of the church to grow closer to you. We need you back in our lives. We have a void that we never thought possible.

We are sorry, Father. Please forgive us.

Ed Senz