Salt & Light Television and Oregon Catholic Press have collaborated on a seven-minute YouTube video in which Catholic liturgical composers offer Jesuit Father Bob Dufford’s song of peace and comfort, “Be Not Afraid.” Singing and playing from home, dozens of artists like Dan Schutte, John Michael Talbot, Steve Angrisano, Tom Booth, Tony Melendez, Jesse Manibusan and Sarah Hart take turns on phrases of the beloved song from 1975.

So far, almost 800,000 people have viewed it. The idea was to help people struggling during the pandemic.

“My husband passed away six weeks ago tonight and because of the virus we could only have a graveside service for 10 people, including the priest and funeral director,” said one viewer. “We played this song. The lyrics and melody are so comforting. Thank you for posting.”

Another said: “I want to thank you for this beautiful collaboration. I can’t begin to explain the strength that it’s giving me. I began chemotherapy today for breast cancer and I just kept playing it over and over again because it was so comforting.”

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