We are disturbed by the lack of political and spiritual leadership on climate change, racism and COVID-19, which threatens the well-being of our country.

Civil leaders in denial over the seriousness of the pandemic have caused needless suffering and death, while ignoring what science informs us, and our eyes confirm, of accelerating and worsening climate change.

Perhaps most disheartening are the many spiritual leaders who are singularly focused on preventing abortion while avoiding pro-life-related matters: pre-K education, nutrition programs, equal educational and medical care opportunities. Their silence suggests a willingness to overlook families ripped apart, children in cages, tax benefits for the wealthy and a paucity of meaningful action to address racism.

Justice is essential to Catholic social teaching, which we and millions of Christians take seriously and bear witness while we fervently pray for robust spiritual leadership.

Marilyn and George Veomett

Mary Beth Patton

Jack Patrizio

Thutam Le and Le Tran

Diane and Peter Lax

Linda and Ed Kaiel

Jim Gradoville

Claire and Walter Burt