Regarding “New Hope for Our Lady of La Vang,” Oct. 2, Page 32:

I was extremely happy to see your feature on the “new” Our Lady of La Vang Catholic Church. Being somewhat familiar with the old New Hope Community Church off of I-205 near Sunnyside, I wandered in there last August to see what was going on. What I found was truly amazing.

Dozens of volunteer parishioners were painting, installing flooring, rebuilding a stage into a sanctuary and working feverishly everywhere to transform a structure into a reverent house of God, right before my eyes. The chapel with its hand-painted clouds on the ceiling, the main altar with its white floor and soft background, and the warm religious education classrooms are all impressive and all conceived and executed by the dedicated members of the parish, bringing honor to Our Blessed Mother.

This is truly inspirational. Congratulations to Our Lady of La Vang.

Natt McDougall

Lake Oswego