It was a summer day. I was driving home from my interview at the Catholic Sentinel offices, singing at the top of my lungs. There was bliss, there was passion and there was excitement. I hadn’t yet been offered the job with the paper, but I knew it felt right.

Five years ago, I spent my days at home with my small children. But with a background in journalism, I did freelance writing each day when my kids were napping. Among the list of publications I wrote for was the Catholic Sentinel. My intention was to pursue political journalism, as I’d done in the past. Unexpectedly, what I discovered was that the articles I loved to write most were the ones I wrote for the Sentinel. When the chance came to work for the newspaper on a permanent basis, I prayed hard. Do I leave my kids in child care to restart my career? Am I being selfish? The answer I came to was that God was calling me to be an evangelist and working for the Sentinel was how he wanted me to do it.

Writing about Jesus, his church and his people filled me with joy. Five years later, it still does.

Sharing testimonies and writing stories about the church and its history have reinforced and reinvigorated my own faith, as I hope reading the stories does for others.

I am thankful everyday knowing that God led me to the Sentinel. I am thankful for my colleagues, my company, the wonderful conversations I’ve had with leaders in the church and the vast number of things I’ve learned about Catholicism and Christianity along the way. But what I appreciate most is the awe-inspiring stories of faith and devotion from men, women and youth around the archdiocese. Your stories inspire me daily. Thank you.