I have a good thing and a bad.

First for the bad. Regarding “Still living at home,” July 17, Page 24: This was a very negative article written about young adults living with their parents. In many parts of the world this is very common. In this day and age I think people are seeing the benefit of living close to family. I was really grossed out by the picture someone chose to capture the essence of the article. Not only was this insulting to young adults that do live with their parents but also to their parents.

Now for the good. Regarding “Efforts to expand assisted suicide underway,” Oct. 2, Page 4: I am looking for a way to get involved in assisted suicide prevention. I am very alarmed how this is moving forward. I see it in medical procedures in which doctors are not doing anything for people because they are a certain age. I think we are just around the corner from seeing people being able to choose if they want to live or not. I feel this culture of death is alarming.

Susan Unger