Since Aug. 7, the Sentinel has run three major articles on racism. In four instances cited, the alleged racist neither speaks nor acts with the alleged victim. It is the alleged victim who projects the evidence of racism onto the would-be racist. No reasonable person could attach the term “racist” to these encounters.

A few months ago, CNN was trying to dodge a defamation lawsuit by a Covington Catholic High School student. CNN claimed it was impossible to be guilty of defamation for calling anyone a racist because the word — at least as it is generally used today — doesn’t have any real meaning as relates to racial matters. According to CNN, no one can know what is in another person’s mind and heart, hence it is impossible to assert as a fact that anyone is racist.

It is entirely possible — and highly likely — that everything described in all those Sentinel articles has an innocent non-racial explanation.

Defaming all white people for something they are clearly not guilty of is a violation of charity.

David Kluge