BEAVERTON — St. Cecilia School was highlighted on the U.S. Department of Education blog recently for its work during the pandemic. Lillie Stevens, principal, wrote a submission to the department in support of not only her school but Catholic education as a whole.

In her post, Stevens described the school’s hybrid learning system, pointing to differences and adaptations for students in varying grades.

“Teachers, students, and parents all understand the importance of using every minute of the time students have on campus,” wrote Stevens. At the time Stevens submitted her story to the education department, Washington County didn’t meet the requirements for full-time in-person instruction. So students came, and continue to come in, daily for a short period of time.

“Teachers are planning hands-on activities, group discussions, and seizing the opportunity to check in with students in order to keep them on track not only with the assignments and activities while they are on campus, but also those asynchronous and synchronous lessons and activities that happen when the students are off campus,” Stevens wrote.

Stevens quoted Jason Vaillancourt, parent of two students at St. Cecilia.

“In talking to many parents across our school community, it is clear how beneficial the time in school has been for our kids. While the time in school is short, the benefits are great,” said Vaillancourt.